2 teams, one has throwing role and the other one have the catching role. Team’s role switches during the game.

The place of each team, respectively to “throw” or to “catch”, is decided by drawing lots. Each team must declare from the beginning the order of entry of its members into the game.

Materials used at throwing: a wooden stick 60-80 cm (“ciomag”) and a small stick by 15-20cm (“țurca”).

A little whole (20cm/5cm/7cm) will be dug into the ground for “țurca”.

Players from throwing team will launch the “țurca” from the whole, one by another, using “ciomagul”.

Players from catching team are trying to catch “țurca” before it will touch the ground. If they do so, that player will throw back “țurca” to the throwing player that will be changed with the next player.

After all players from throwing team have launched “țurca”,  that team will move in the field for catching and the actual catching team will go near whole for throwing (change roles between  teams).

A scoring rule is applicable.

Organizing Committee