The European Traditional Sports and Games Festival– EuFestTSG project, funded by the Erasmus + Sport program, is a sporting Event of European dimension to encourage people to participate in sport and physical activities, therefore it is a non-profit, non-competitive initiative, non-competitive, unofficial event. The Festival intends to encourage and initiate sports and traditional activities games as much as possible between adults, young people and children, of all abilities, through a program of demonstration activities of traditional games to spread the ethical, cultural and identity values ​​of sport e enhances the benefits and advantages of these activities on health and psychophysical well-being.
The non-competitive approach is transversal to the Festival and is based on four main Topics Sport-Culture-Inclusion-Health. The link with the territory and cultural identities are the basis of the Traditional Games and Sports recognized as “memory of our country, a wealth to be supported and valued as a treasure of human and social values”, practiced and spread throughout Europe.
The mission of the Festival is to attract as many people as possible with the values ​​inherent in traditional sport with its popular games connected with the roots and origins of local communities, so that the diversity of its forms is a source of inspiration for:

– new attitudes of respect and understanding of cultural identity and intercultural dialogue
– new inclusion attitudes towards the different forms of fragility
– new lifestyle attitudes more attentive to well-being and psychophysical health.
– new attitudes of respect for the environment and outdoor spaces

The project pursues the following priority objectives:

1. To contribute to the implementation of the Council Recommendations, the Eu Guidelines on physical activity and the commitments expressed with the Tartu appeal on Sport and Health.
2. Promote and encourage the participation and practice of sport and physical activity as a tool for the benefit of health while respecting people and their physical and psychological integrity.
3. Promote traditional sports and games as a lever to participation as essential elements of “cultural identity” in connection with intercultural dialogue and exchange, the richness and diversity of sporting activities of nations to enhance Diversity and Social Inclusion
4. Promotes sustainability to acclimatise, enhance and strengthen the assumption of responsible behavior through Sport
5. Enhance the Digital Dimension at the service and for the promotion of Sport and Traditional Games to improve the quality, effectiveness and attractiveness of sporting practice

Coordinator of the non-profit Event is the Italian Federation of Traditional Games and Sports (FIGeST) together with n.24 Associated Partners from all over Europe in addition to the Italian sports groups that will animate the sports program of the Games scheduled from 23 to 29 September 2022 with delegations of athletes and instructors for a total of about 350 direct participants. The Festival will be an event of the territory and local communities that takes place in the Municipalities of Perugia, Gubbio, Gualdo Tadino, Acquasparta and Todi, creating a single shared space for Sport and for meeting, comparison and exchange in the context of the various collateral initiatives, sports animation and of scientific dissemination for the benefit of European sports organizations, socio-cultural and sports associations, schools and universities, institutions with policy makers and all citizens.

Organizing Committee